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Keno is not a trivial game . It is a discipline which has its own rules, very distinct calculation methods and which is, on top of that, extremely popular in France and in Europe, particularly in Belgium where Belgian Keno is the number 1 lottery game. If, on the other hand, it is less attractive in terms of earnings than its cousins, keno deserves our attention for a few moments.

The keno uses several objects which participate in its good progress. First, a game of keno is played with numbered balls, the number of which varies depending on the casinos and operators. Some online keno rooms use up to 80 numbered balls. These same balls are mixed thanks to a specific mechanism in land-based casinos. On the internet, it is a random number generator that has the heavy responsibility of making fair draws. Another essential tool: the grids! Indeed, the player must buy one or more grids before the draw. He will tick the boxes corresponding to the numbers predicted on this same grid before giving it to an agent before validation. In keno, you can bet between one and fifteen numbers per grid.

The Different Bets Possible In Keno

The Simple Bet: it consists of choosing one or more numbers on the grid. The player wins if at least one of the numbers is drawn.

The Bet Against: The player chooses eight numbers and hopes that none of them will come out at the time of the draw. If so, he wins. If one of the designated numbers is drawn, it will unfortunately lose.

The Success All bet : this bet allows the player to hit the jackpot if the seven numbers that the latter has selected end up being drawn!

The High Roller Bet: like the Simple Bet, this bet allows big players to win substantial wins in exchange for a large bet and at least one winning number.

The Higher / Lower Bet : the player bets on whether the upper or lower part will have a maximum of winning numbers. The player’s total winnings are calculated based on the difference between the two.

The Odds Of Winning Keno

Keno is probably the game of chance with the worst odds of winning. You only have a 25% chance of picking a good number, barely a 6% chance of getting two winners. And if you ever want to hit the keno jackpot, know that you are more likely to die in a plane than to succeed!

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